1. Never come to practice sick. Please stay home and notify your coach
  2. Immediately show your coach any skin rash, infection or problem.
  3. Open cuts and scrapes must be bandaged
  4. Wrestlers should ALWAYS wear their headgear in practice; and it is required in every match
  5. Wrestlers should always wash their hands before and after practice and after leaving any locker rooms
  6. Wrestling shoes must NEVER be worn outside of the wrestling gym and no outside shoes are allowed on the mats
  7. Wrestlers MUST shower after every practice, match and tournament, use of anti-bacterial soap is preferred
  8. Wash all wrestling clothing (shirts, shorts, singlets) after every practice, match and tournament – ONLY wear clean clothes to practice. Long sleeve Under Armour is a good option for practice
  9. Wash or disinfect headgear, shoes, knee pads, etc frequently and don’t share equipment or water bottles with other wrestlers. Headgear and shoes can be washed in a washing machine on gentle cycle
  10. Wrestlers must trim their fingernails. No jewelry. Wrestlers with braces must wear mouth guards (or will be penalized and/or disqualified in matched

In addition, coaches will mop and clean the mats before every practice, match and tournament using antibacterial cleaner.